4kus dvr 230 manualidades

Select the region using RIGHTLEFT. Press ENTER. Article; Discussion; Show pagesource; Old revisions Jan 05, 2006 Hi all, This is my first post on the DVD Recorder forum i have just got my first recorder the 4kus from Asda. I have a few questions: I understand 4KUS DVR230 Questions VideoHelp Forum 4KUS DVR230 features and comments.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Dec 23, 2004 I've got a 4kus dvr230 (rebadged liteon 5006) is there any way to get the firmware out of it, cos id like to add the 3hr recording hack to it, but id Jun 07, 2006 4KUS DVR230 DVD recorder multiregion hack Discussion in ' Bluray& DVD Player Multiregion Hacks ' started by AcerKev, Mar 20, 2005. Mar 20, 2005 at 5: 40 PM Hi All. I noticed the that Asda are selling the 4KUS DVR230 Dvd recorder for 139.

00. Has anyone got one, or any info or thoughts on this model Nov 13, 2008 I've got a 4KUS DVR230 and the drawer won't open. I took it apart and checked the mechanisim. The little rubber belt is ok and the mechanisim worked Read 3 customer reviews of the 4KUS DVR230 DVD Recorder& compare with other DVD Recorders at Review Centre