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Dec 26, 2011  I have an 06 Jeep TJ that right now is an automatic. I am seriously considering doing a conversion to manual. I was thinking about putting in a new chevy small block V8 with a new 5 speed transmission. I don't know to much about all of this and there is no way that I would be doing this myself. Does anyone know of a better engine to swap First off, the manual TJ is very fun to drive and Auto to manual conversion tj feeling around town.

Unfortunately, I didnt feel the same way off road. I have had many 4x4s over the years and have always preferred the autos, especially when doing the FUN stuff. The fun stuff being rocks and the technical trails.

TJ AW4 Auto Transmission Swap. To contact Top 11 Transmissions And Transfercase Swaps Happy Rowing if you swap this transmission into an automaticequipped TJ, you will end up with a check engine light because it won't talk to the TJLJTJ Brute auto to manual conversion, 03: 37 AM. I have a question: How hard would it be to convert an automatic TJLJTJ Brute to a manual? The transmission should bolt right in, of course Id need a flywheel, the different center console and the pedal assembly of a manual Jeep.

I am more concerned about the AW4 Transmission Swap. Well, it finally got to be time to swap out the manual AX15 transmission and install an automatic transmission. Unlike some tranny swaps done by others, I did mine because I could, not because I had to. Jeep Automatic To Manual Conversion Jeep tjlj manual swap part 1 youtube, this is a video series on how to swap a manual into your automatic jeep wrangler tj or lj so, after finally getting a 100 working lj Mar 18, 2007 Overview of manualtoauto conversion on TJ If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Apr 20, 2010 I know this topic has been brought up multiple times, but I am looking to swap my TJ from the Auto woverdrive to a manual transmission. Anyone know Jan 05, 2017  This is a video series on how to swap a manual into your automatic Jeep Wrangler TJ or LJ.

So, after finally getting a 100 working LJ with a successful auto to manual swap The following parts are needed to convert your manual to an automatic: JK 4WD Shift Bracket (Chrysler Part# : AC) Auto Shifter (Chrysler Part# : AB) Jeep TJLJ LS swap info. Jeep Hemi CARB Legal swap kit. Hemi Header flanges and clamps. 6. 4L Short Water pump setup, Reuse the 3.

8L AC Compressor. May 26, 2017 This is prohibitively expensive and as many say in response to the manual auto swap forum threads you may as well sell your auto jeep and buy a manual one. I am doing an engine swap so I quit trying to make the stock stuff work when I found this out, it just aint worth the hassle. Sep 01, 2010 It is possible to make the swap but for offroading, the automatic is the better choice so personally, I would keep it.

In fact, I converted my last TJ from a 5speed manual to an automatic to make it perform even better when offroad. And that is with 40 years of driving stick shifts. Pretty much Apr 13, 2018 Having upgraded my previous TJ from its OE manual to the same automatic you have now, for its off roading and rock crawling benefits, why would you want to go the other way? # 4 Jerry Bransford, Apr 13, 2018 Dec 31, 2017 Video Journal# 3 Swapped my 32rh automatic transmission to the ax15 5speed transmission.

All in all this swap took us around 10 hours. It was fairly easy an Jun 17, 2011 swap automatic to manual transmission After last offroadmeeting i more dislike my automatic transmission. driving down 40 meters via 70 in 1 not enough motorbreak. have to use the real break. grrrrr May 23, 2014  And yes the swap for any TJ from 1997 to 2002 is about the same in terms of parts needed.

You only need an engine computer for your model year and engine type that is set up for an automatic to make it work. Manual to Automatic Transmission Conversion (Sorry bmanrkg2 but the automatic in your 2004 is a