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May 01, 2015  2 part dosing Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by abower, May 1, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 I'll toss and update when I use the redsea kit vs API May 1, 2015# 7. hart WellKnown ReefKeeper. 727. Ratings: I don't know that I have a hard stance but as long as you are aware of the result of dosing 2part, then you're Oct 20, 2009 2 part dosing vs.

Reactors Discussion in 'Water Chemistry' started by tatted4ever, Oct 20, 2009. Join Manual addition is simple and risk free IME. pgreef, Oct 20, 2009. pgreef, Oct 20, dosing 2 part. not going to happen. If you never plan to leave your house for the night then it will be fine. Hepatitis B vaccine associated with CPT code (Hepatitis b vaccine (hepb), adult dosage, 2 dose schedule, for intramuscular use) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November The DS is a multipurpose Dosing and Fluid Metering System.

The DS connects to any Apex via its AquaBus connection. but we also will be continuing to expand on its capabilities as time goes on via software updates to Apex Fusion. 2PART DOSING Apr 27, 2010 My dosing regime was to dose Ca and Alk at the same time. After reading that article about Alk, Ca and Mg, I learned that adding Ca reduces Alk a little and adding Alk reduces Ca a little. Also, that in order to raise one or the other, you need to dose them separately, I think.

2part dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity) Other additives dosing Dosing and Fluid Metering System (DS) Setup Guide Page 6 PROGRAMMING EXAMPLES (CLASSIC WEB INTERFACE) The DS has a new type of a profile (for more on profiles, please Dosing 2 part manually update the Comprehensive Reference Manual) that you can use to configure your pump.

Jun 25, 2016 the official start of my new dosing strategy. full explanation and thoughts. update on bubble magus zeovit reactor. seneye reef monitor and tuning radions Furthermore if you need to fine tune it, you have to manually update each dosing schedule (96 in all). That said, still super happy with the hardware, and the software while less than what I ideally wanted is lightyears better than anything else out there. May 28, 2011 Hi Guys I Thought I would give some info on the Profilux Standalone Doser that I have just got This is an excellent unit and the build quality is top notch.

DOSING RULES! The ocean is a stew of nearly every element found on earth. Each part has its uses, each part has its problems. The biggest part of reef keeping is keeping Dosing 2 part manually update levels in their appropriate ranges.

May 14, 2013 2 part dosing is a superior solution because you can really fine tune how much Ca or how much alk gets added. Kalk becomes a pain in the ass if you want to be exact and you have high demands. Yes, this in response to the question posed to my statement exactly. DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System. The Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System is one of the smartest dosing pumps on the market. It will hook directly to your existing Neptune Apex or Apex Jr. giving you the ability to program both pumps independently for what ever kind of dosing your tank may need.

Jan 10, 2014 Two part dosing is a great way to achieve this consistency. Mixing the solutions is easy. Bulk Reef Supply has a 2 Part Calcium& Alkalinity total package with includes the dry materials as well Jun 13, 2017  I have 2 part from BRS mixed up in gal jugs like their video shows. Its calcium chloride and soda ash. Today I set my doser manual dosing tends to require larger amounts of 2 part. if you dose it continuously, you'll need less.

Use one of the medical dosers or any doser that does a continuous dose. I have a hard time believing this.