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I have done so myself with my broken NETWORKSPACE 2 from Lacie. That worked fine for me, I could copy all my wanted files to another drive on NTFS format. I used Linux MINT and placed the Lacie HD in the Computer and then copied everything over to a USB harddrive attached to the puter.

LaCie hard disk DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON. Table of Contents. User Manual. page. 1. Table of Contents. 1. Introduction Find great deals on eBay for lacie neil poulton.

Shop with confidence. The first major exhibition of product designer Neil Poulton with work for Artemide, Lacie, Danese, Christofle, Atelier Sedap, VertigoBird, Glenmorangie. The included LaCie Network Assistant allows you to quickly start using your product after completing a few short steps.

This helps the Network Space 2 to be userfriendly and incredibly easy to usejust like a classic LaCie hard disk. The Network Space 2 even comes with a customizable dashboard for advanced administration. Poulton designs and develops bestselling, awardwinning products for manufacturers including LaCie, Artemide, Megalit, Atelier Sedap and Danese Milano. Neil Poulton Design. Neil Poulton is a Scottish born product designer, based in Paris, France.

Industrial designer Neil Poulton has the longest running history with lectronique d2LaCie. From 1991 onwards, Scottishborn Poulton designed numerous products for d2, including the" Shark' and" FM Tuner' and the awardwinning, phallic" le Coq" hard drive.

Mar 22, 2011 How to reset your Lacie NetworkSpace hard drive LaCie Lacie neil poulton manualidades hard drive Set Up Guide LaCie Hard Disk MAX 2TB, Design by Neil Poulton Review Lacie Network Space, design by Neil Poulton User Manual, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips, and Downloads.

OMNIHIL Replacement ACDC Power AdapterAdaptor for LaCie Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton Switching Power Supply Cord Cable PS Wall Home Charger Mains PSU DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON Windows LaCie Network Assistant Genie Timeline Backup Mac User Manual Manuel dutilisation Guida per l'utente Benutzerhandbuch Manual de Stylish enclosure by Neil Poulton reduces heat for quiet, fanless operation (OLD MODEL) Design by Neil Poulton Shield Your Includes LaCie Rugged