Pr 2020 solar regulator manually

Solar charge regulator Steca PR 2020 PWM Charge Controller Steca PR 2020 PWM Charge Controller. View full size. With its high quality state of charge algorithm, the Steca PR controller allows you to monitor, control and maintain your battery. Manual interruption of the consumer; Spcificities. PR 1010: PR 1515: PR 2020: PR Connect the battery to the charge regulator plus and minus 2. Connect the photovoltaic module to the charge regulator plus and minus 3. Page 8: Protective Functions Of The Controller.

3. Protective functions of the controller The regulator is equipped with various devices to protect its electronics, battery and load. The Steca PR charge controllers were launched in the year 2004 as the fifth generation of charge controller technology (up to 720 Wp). This high class state of the art product upgrades the Steca Solarix series by a customer designed LCD which shows the accurate state of charge ( SOC ) in percent and as battery gauge symbol.

Operating instructions Solar charge controller 10 A 15 A 20 A 30 A 739. 704 11. 10 EN. 2 739. 704 11. 10 Subject to change without notice. 1 Safety instructions 3 In this manual, safety instructions for personal safety are identified with this symbol. The Steca PR series solar regulators are a complete system control and monitoring product designed for use on small to medium solar power systems.

An easy to read LCD screen shows an accurate state of charge (SOC) in percent and as battery gauge symbol (provide all load is run through the load terminal). [pr 2020, pr. 2020, pr2020, pr2020, pr2020 Important Notice about the Steca PR2020 20A 1224V Solar Charge Controller with LCD The Steca PR2020 20A 1224V Solar Charge Controller with LCD is no longer available from Infinigi. In addition, the controller has an energy meter which can be reset by the user.

Charge controllers are used in small solar home systems. Loads such as lights, radios or small TVs can be switched off manually on the controller without additional wall The functionality of the Steca PR 2020 IP is based on the Steca PR line of solar charge controllers.

This is equipped with a a large display which shows the current state of