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Game Introduction The Last Stand Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a strategy game developed by Con Artist Games in The most recent game in the series is The Last Stand: Dead Zone, which is a browserbased isometric real time strategytime management game on Facebook, Armor Games and Kongregate.

Recent Edits Ed Last Stand: Dead Zone by Con Artist Games has been a recent addiction of mine, so Id like to provide some advice for those that are trying to maximize their performance as they level up. Of course, most of this post is going to assume manual control of missions as in order to get XP for a mission, you need to do it manually.

Jun 24, 2018  The Last Stand: Dead Zone Bug Reports Reports Pvp Bug, Can't Loot Anything Or Walk Over Destroyed Structures. Started by Cybertraxx, 20 Apr 2018 bug, cant loot bug, pathing bug and 1 more The Last Stand: Dead Zone Basic Building Structure Guide In this Last Stand: Dead Zone building guide, we will go through the different types of buildings offered in the game.

As well as the different material requirements, construction speed, as well as their individual effects. The latest Tweets from TLS: Dead Zone (@TheLastStandDZ). The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Dead Zone. Skip to content. Home Home Home, current page. Moments Moments Moments, current page. Search query Search Tactics Manuals are live. Craft your own buffs for your survivors! Kongregate free online game The Last Stand: Dead Zone The Last Stand: Dead Zone brings RPG, Action and Strategy to the zombie apocalypse.

Play The Last Stand: Dead Zone We have reduced support for legacy browsers. Oct 31, 2015  The Last Stand: Dead zone is a game made by Con Artist, the Fouth game from the last stand Series, and the first multiplayer game on the last stand series (i The Last Stand Dead Zone Secrets.

308 likes. We will answer to all your questions on the game: ) Jump to. before you do Island Raids. If you have DMU (Death Mobile Upgrade) first you shoud try to do max LVLs manual missions in Military Bases, Gun Stores or Securities. because The last stand dead zone manual is the last Warning of Admins of this game. The Last For the Last Stand: Dead Zone scavenger, you want to focus his stat toward luck and scavenging to improve their gathering speed. They are essential for you to fully gather the Dead Zone resources during missions.

Fighter Stats and Skills. The Last Stand: Dead Zone fighter class is focused with dealing damage to the infected. Jul 21, 2014  Kongregate Automated Missions, post your thoughts on the discussion board or read fellow gamers' opinions.

Forums The Last Stand: Dead Zone manual missions give exp to reward the player for taking the added risks for injury using a bit more skill to kite enemies and so on.

Automissions just take a click of a button,