Schlumpf mountain drive manual

K. Manuals: A. What is a Schlumpf gearing system? A. 1. 1. Structure of Schlumpf gearing systems Schlumpf drives for mountain bikes Schlumpfdrives are strong enough to be used on mountain bikes. Indeed, there are two restrictions: What should I check before installing a mountaindrive into a mountain bike?

May 05, 2011 Schlumpf High Speed Drive installation. Schlumpf Mountain Drive for Brompton bikes Duration: ICE Trike With Rohloff Hub and Schlumpf Drive Duration: 5: 21. The Schlumpf MountainDrive takes an existing drivetrain and multiplies its gear range by 2.

5 on the lowend. This makes a 60tooth (60T) chainring feel like a 24tooth (24T) chainring. (329. 9 KiB) Installation guide and technical documents Mountain Drive PDFfiles (1.

8 MiB) Schlumpf Mountain Drive and Speed Drive. We no longer offer the Schlumpf products. We are keeping this page on the site for reference only. Switzerland's Schlumpf Innovations makes a nifty twospeed planetary gear system that fits into the bottom bracket of your bicycle. With the schlumpf mountain drive you gain additional very low gears which enable you go climb the most extreme inclines easily.

The extremely flat planetary gearbox shrinks every gear by factor 2. 5, that way doubling the expansion extent of your bike. www. schlumpf. ch 1 Haberstock Mobility Schlumpf Mountain Drive Maintenance 1. Lubrication At the assembly, we lube the mountaindrive with a basic quantity of MoS2grease, which is good for at least 2'000 greenspeed.

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