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KK MULTICOPTER V5. 5 Setting Manual for KR Firmware for Atmegal 68 based KKmulticontrollers. Introduction to the KKmulticontroller The KKmulticontroller is a flight control board for remote control Jun 02, 2012  KK Plus 5. 5de Best value Enhanced KK Controller And MEMSACC Module. KK Plus A Multirotor controller based on Rolfs aka KaptainKuk (KK) great work and design. KK Multicopter Core Board V5. 5 Quadcopter and firmware loader 95 Shipped: terriwang: Aircraft Electric KKmulticontroller v.

5. 5 Blackboard The Multicopter Flight Controller Based on the original design by Rolf Bakke (KapteinKUK) with modifications by Jussi This then processes the information according the the KK software and sends out a control signal to the Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs) which are plugged onto the board and also KKQuad X setup guide. KKQuad X setup guide. 2 February, 2011 by RCExplorer David. A few words before we start: To get the best stability and flight performance from your KKcontroller mount it using a vibration dampening material such as gyrotape or a thick double sided sticky tape.

Also make sure to balance you props and motors to Feb 29, 2012 KK2. 0 Multicopter ESC Calibration, Motor Layout, and AutoLevel w Default Settings on AeroSky Quad Duration: 8: 28. Dennis Baldwin 193, 007 views Kkmulticopter V5.

5 Controller BlackBoard. Features: Simple structure, KKmulticopter is easy to Maintain and Debug Control The KKmulticopter is a KK flight controller board for remote control multicopters with 2, 3, 4 and 6 rotors.

We get KKmulticopter to stablise the aircraft during flight. manual. Support Link: RCG Forums. www IOI KKmulticopter Setup. Setting up the kkMultiCopter controller what is the diffrent between KKmulticopter controller V5.

5 and IOI kkmulticopter controller? A: NO different, our PCB design is for all SMT (google it) parts soldering and all Tantalum Cap (more stable, and 10x expensive than normal Capacitance). USBasp only needed when KKmulticontroller v. 5. 5 Blackboard The Multicopter Flight Controller Based on the original design by Rolf kk multicopter v5. 5 Explore Jan 11, 2013 I have done everything but without interest I entered on board kkmulticopter site I read everything and did everything but without interest I brought another KKmulticontroller V5.

5 Controller Board V2. 2 Program with Config: QuadCopter. Features: Simple structure, Easy to Maintain and Debug Control With 3 pcs gyros, relying on Jan 24, 2014 KKmulticopter V5.

5 Board V2. 2 Program USB Programmer Firmware Loader Hi, i have some problems because im very new to the topic, i dont have another option, like another controller, so i need help with the programming of the