Tsx manual majority voting rule

If a TSXlisted issuer does not have a majority voting policy, the Amendments will require the issuer to provide notice to the TSX following a meeting of securityholders if a director receives a publicly disclose if it has adopted a majority voting policy for uncontested director elections and if not, to disclose to the TSX if a director receives a majority of withhold votes. New Majority Voting Rules. The TSX also published for comment further proposed amendments to its Company Manual that would require issuers listed on the TSX to have majority voting for director elections at uncontested meetings.

Issuers would be able to comply with the requirement by adopting a majority voting policy. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has issued final amendments to the Company Manual relating to corporate governance website disclosure and disclosure of securitybased compensation arrangements Timing for posting corporate governance documents on the listed issuers website and for reflecting TSX Company Manual.

The TSX Company Manual, by providing appropriate and balanced standards for our issuers, facilitates the original listing as well as post listing transactions for a diverse group of TSX issuers.

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) recently amended its corporate finance manual to require each issuer to adopt a majority voting policy for its first fiscal year ended on or after June 30, 2014. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) announced on February 13, 2014, amendments (Amendments) to the TSX Company Manual (Manual) mandating majority voting.

From June 30, 2014 (Effective Date), the Amendments will require each director of a TSXlisted issuer, other than directors of a majoritycontrolled listed issuer, to be elected by a majority The TSX will be strengthening corporate governance standards by incorporating changes to the TSX Company Manual (the" Manual" ) which will, among other things, require the election of Tsx manual majority voting rule to occur on an individual basis. The changes will also mandate annual director elections as well as disclosure of all voting results and majority voting The new majority voting rules will take effect for fiscal yearends from June 30 on, the TSX said Thursday, and will apply to all listed companies except those with a majority The TSX's review indicated that some issuer majority voting policies listed factors that were inconsistent with the policy objectives of majority voting in the Manual.

Feb 17, 2014 At the time, the TSX had published for comment proposed rules which would mandate the adoption of a majority voting policy by each TSX listed issuer. The TSX has now approved final rules which make majority voting mandatory. PDF Version. TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE. NOTICE OF APPROVAL. AMENDMENTS TO PART IV OF THE. TORONTO STOCK EXCHANGE (" TSX" ) COMPANY MANUAL. Introduction. In accordance with the Protocol for Commission Oversight of Toronto Stock Exchange Rule Proposals (the" Protocol" ) between the Ontario Securities Commission (the" OSC" ) and Toronto Stock Exchange (" TSX" ), TSX