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Targa roof: A Porsche 911 history. News The design would carry on to the 996, the latest generation of 911 Targa to be available in twowheel drive, where many customers praised the ability to open the rear screen like a hatchback, adding practicality to the everyday sports car. 1999 porsche 911 carrera 996 convertible 2 door.

6speed manual. Any sign of tampering or attempt to disassemble the part will void the warranty. Do not buy electronic parts for testing purposes. The Porsche 996 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 model manufactured from model year 1998 to 2004.

Both the GT3 and GT2 were available only with sixspeed manual transmission. Porsche celebrated the 911's 40year history in 2003, using the slogan, " 40 Jahre Fast Years". The first 996 sold was 20 years ago. Porsche 911 development has been punctuated by significant moments throughout its history. As an evolution of the 356, the larger 901 entered the world with a Manual porsche 911 996 history cylinder engine and improved chassis.

Manual gearbox: A Porsche 911 history. News Josh Barnett 1 comments; Despite PDKs current dominance in the new Porsche 911 market, Zuffenhausens seminal sports car has a long and glorious history of manual gearboxes, dating all the way back to the 911s inception in 1963. 996 generation. In 1994, the 964 was replaced by the 993, the final aircooled 911, sporting an extensive facelift, more power and a choice of sixspeed manual or Tiptronic.

The History of Porsche 911 Cars through its generational changes. Home New Cars Porsche 911 History Share This Page. Porsche 911 History. out the most extreme 996based 911 yet, the Porsche Club GB is organised into over 30 registers covering every model of Porsche ever made.

Porsche 911 (996) Buyers' Guide. Written by Peter Morgan. Model history. The auto industry model year (MY) runs from August 1 to 31 July, so a 1998 model could have been produced between 1 August 1997 and 31 July 1998. The Why the Porsche 996 Is the 911 Deal of the Century" The 996 was one of the highest production rates in 911 history and they sold them literally by the boatload here in the U. S." Brownell says The 996 Turbo, Like All The Other 911 Turbo Cars Of The Past, Have Instantly Fallen Into The Collectable Classic Porsche Title.

With A New Breed Of Enthusiast Owners Wanting To Own Their Very Own Piece Of Stuttgart Motoring History And With The Dramatic Climb Of The 993 Turbo Values, Who Can Blame Them On Jumping Aboard The Porsche 996 is the 4th generation of the Porsche 911 range. It was manufactured by Porsche between 1996 2005. It is significant in the the history of the 911 as it is the first 911 to break from several of the historic model's traditions, such as featuring organic ovoid headlights in place