Hemochron response instruction manual

HEMOCHRON Response test results should always be scrutinized in light of a specific patients condition or anticoagulant therapy. Any test results exhibiting inconsistency with the patients clinical status should be repeated Lab Manuals UCSF Lab Manual Point of Care Testing Manual Table of Contents.

Note: VPN is required if accessing documents outside of the UCSF network. Hemochron Response P214 ACT Hemochron Response FTCA510 ACT ISTAT 1 (Blood Gas, Electrolyte and other analytes) The HEMOCHRON Jr. Low Range Activated Clotting Time (ACTLR) cuvette assay demonstrates a linear response to the anticoagulation effects of heparin at doses up to 2.

5 unitscc of blood. OPERATORS MANUAL Models 801& 401. Table of Contents Summary& Explanation 2 he HEMOCHRON instruments (Models 401 and 801) response test (PRT), and protamine dose assay (PDA) are available for the HEMOCHRON. New tests are constantly under development. For a complete list of HEMOCHRON tests, For a complete list of HEMOCHRON tests. prothrombin time (PT) test. protamine response test (PRT).

which includes the instrument plus test kits. The HEMOCHRON system. high dose thrombin time (HiTT). Since the magnet has been displaced. The Hemochron Response is a portable, battery operated instrument designed to perform whole blood coagulation tests. The Hemochron clot detection mechanism consists of a precision aligned magnet within a test tube and a magnetic detector located within the test well. 5 DESCRIPTION The HEMOCHRON Signature Elite instrument is a handheld device.

It contains a test chamber which warms a test cuvette to the required temperature, and it performs all operations to measure the clotting time of a whole blood sample after it is placed in the test cuvette and the test is started The Hemochron Response System offers a comprehensive test menu for anticoagulant monitoring.

Combined with the RXDX Dosing module, the system provides patient dosing information which can improve outcomes and blood utilization. The Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System is a dualwell microprocessor controlled testing instrument that offers an extensive menu for monitoring anticoagulation therapy. Combined with the RXDX Dosing system Hemochron response instruction manual, it can provide information for patient dosing, leading to improved outcomes and improved The Hemochron Jr.

ACTLR test is intended for use in monitoring patients receiving heparin anticoagulation therapy with low to moderate heparin levels (up to 2. 5 units unfractionated heparin mL). Celite equivalent ACT values HEMOCHRON SIGNATURE ELITE LOW RANGE ACTIVATED CLOTTING TIME (ACTLR) Different devices may give different results.

Standardize your POC coagulation testing on the ITC HEMOCHRON Signature Elite Whole Blood Microcoagulation System and get results you can count on from the market leader. Response V2. 00 or above. Questions or comments regarding the contents of this manual can be directed to the address at the back of this manual or to your ITC representative.

HEMOCHRON Get ITC Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System User Manual. Get all ITC manuals! Description The HEMOCHRON Response is a whole blood coagulation monitoring instrument designed to be used at the pointofcare. The Response includes an easytoread screen and data management features, including patient and operator ID options.

QC and operator lockout can be enabled for enhanced 2of 15 ACTIVATED CLOTTING TIME (ACT) HEMOCHRONR RESPONSEWHOLE BLOOD COAGULATION SYSTEM I PURPOSE The HEMOCHRON Activated Clotting Time (ACT) is an invitro quantitative assay for monitoring heparin