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Maniam Thambu of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ukm with expertise in Medicine. Read 66 publications, and contact Maniam Thambu on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Conclusion: This will be the first trial to compare the foot reflexology therapy with control group among people who medically diagnosed with nonspecific low back pain in Malaysia.

The result of this study will contribute to better management of this population especially for Malaysia healthcare setting. Re: Karin S. Coyne, Marion Kvasz, Andrea M. Ireland, Ian Milsom, Zoe S. Kopp, Chris R. Chapple. Urinary incontinence and its relationship to mental health and healthrelated quality of life in men and women in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

1462 Management of pain in OA knee is a multidisciplinary approach. Physiotherapy, as a mainstay of conservative treatment for OA knee involves the use of various modalities such as manual therapy, exercises, patellar taping, thermal Jurnal Sains Kesihatan Malaysia (JSKM) or Malaysian Journal of Health Sciences (MJHS) is a peer reviewed journal published biannually by Fakulti Sains Kesihatan (Faculty of Health Sciences) and Penerbit UKM (UKM Press).

The aim of this journal is to disseminate new findings in medical and health sciences research and development. Katalog UkM; disability& rehabilitation 14 manual therapy 9 physiotherapy theory& practice 9 pijneducatie arthritis and rheumatism 1 brazilian journal of physical therapy 1 clinical rheumatology 1 conservation biology the journal of the society for conservation biology 1 head neck Journal of Manual& Manipulative Therapy (Journal of Manual& Manipulative Therapy) Mar 2001Dec 2009 106 Journal of Motor Behavior Jun 1996 18 months United Kingdom United Kingdom Japan 36 37 Journal of Drug Evaluation Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice Journal of Japanese Association of Physical Medicine Balneology and Climatology Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy Journal Journal Active Active.

58 british journal of sports medicine 34 manual therapy 31 journal of Manual therapy journal ukm ankle research 31 medicine& science in sports& exercise 30 journal of orthopaedic& sports physical therapy 22 sports medicine ve 21 journal of science and medicine in sport 20 bmc musculoskeletal disorders 20 pain ( ) 18 clinical biomechanics 17 pain 15 OBJECTIVES: A crosssectional study was conducted to measure the prevalence of workrelated injuries among physiotherapists in Malaysia and to explore the influence of factors such as gender, body mass index, years of work experience and clinical placement areas on the occurrence of workrelated musculoskeletal disorders.

Journal of Controlled Release 170(3):. Shibaguchi Hirotomo, Hirofumi Tsuru, Motomu Kuroki& Masahide Kuroki. 2011. Sonodynamic cancer therapy: A noninvasive and repeatable approach using lowintensity ultrasound with a sonosensitizer.

Spinal manual therapy (SMT) is a popular treatment option for low back pain (LBP). The aim of our analysis was to evaluate the effects of manual therapy delivered by general practitioners and ambulatory orthopedic surgeons in routine care on follow up consultations, sick leave, health service