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Yaqin Mc10l Manual This could be as simple as adding a manual standby switch I would think. I had originally Yaqin mc10l with ms22b phono tube pre amp youtube, New yaqin mc10l tube amp with ms22b phono tube preamp, & music hall turntable with ortofon 2m. Title: Yaqin MS23B is the upgraded version of MS22B and it got extra mount to protect the tubes.

And of course you can remove the mount rack to have a better looking for the amp. The MS23B using Shuguang 12AX7 giving a beautiful warm sounds especially for songs. Onlinemart. Company is a reputable Hong Kong based importer& exporter, specialize in wide range of electronic devices especially on tube amplifiers. . Find great deals on eBay for yaqin ms22b. Shop with confidence. Feb 10, 2015 I have for sale a lightly used (about 20 hours) Yaqin MS20L integrated tube amp with remote for sale in excellent condition.

The MS20L will come with all original tubes, packaging, remote, and manual. Jun 25, 2013 New Yaqin MC10L tube amp with MS22B phono tube preamp, & Yaqin ms 22b manual woodworkers Hall turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge, using Klipsh Monitor 7 speakers, completely wired with Kimber cable.

Dec 16, 2013 I've heard a number of positive reviews and experiences with the Yaqin MS22B. This is a simple twotube phonostage that uses a solidstate buffer. From the pictures, it looked impossibly wellmade for only 175 shipped. This revised edition of Putting LIFE into the Yaqin MS22B and MS23 details the conversion steps that the author takes, having now converted many MS22 and MS23s.

CHECK OUT THIS FANTASTIC VIDEO PRODUCED BY ZONE1242 ON YouTube! Sep 18, 2014 I have a Yaqin phono preamp (MS22B) that I have happily used for several years. I ran it with a few different 12AX7s and eventually settled on a pair of TJ Full Music. They were a little pricey but but work well in this application.

I have one of these and as far as I can tell it works. One complaint I have was that there was one tube of the pair that while warming up sent out a big blast of noise, I discovered this after I blew up one PC28 Output card in my Dynaco ST416 Amp, caught on fire about 2 seconds after I turned the MS22B on. Jan 21, 2016 Have been seriously looking at getting one of these to use with my Rega BrioR after listening to a friend's a couple of weeks ago and was mightily impressed at the improvement in warmth compared to the phono stage in the BrioR MS23B is a Tube Phono Stage for use with MM or high output MI (Moving Iron) cartridge turntable for connection to either a pre or an integrated amplifier.

It comes with stereo outputs of 0. 5 V and an active RIAA equalization. Review by Colin McKay. The Yaqin MS12B is one of the rare objects in the DIY community to have reached cult status. I have spent much too much time parsing various DIY