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Here is a list of top 5 ETL Testing Tools with Key features and download links: 1) Helps to automate manual testing effort; Provide testing across the different platform like Oracle, Teradata, IBM, Amazon, Cloudera, etc. It is built to automate Data Migration Testing and Production Data Monitoring. It helps users to identify all types Data Migration Testing: Get this indepth data migration testing strategy guide from Data Migration Pro, provides a checklist for planning testing phases.

If an automated testing tool has been used for post migration testing of data and content, executing another testing run is straightforward and recommended. If a manual testing How to test data migration procedure? up vote 19 down vote favorite. 6. I'm planning testing strategy for this migration process. To identify the most risky areas here, Hopefully you already have automated tests or a well defined manual test suite for most of this.

Datadriven testing is creation of test scripts where test data andor output values are read from data files instead of using the same hardcoded values each time the test runs. This way, testers can test how the application handles various inputs effectively. Introduction. We had this opportunity to work on our very first database migration testing project a few months ago.

The objective was to ensure the correctness of data migrated from a source system with MS SQL as its database to a target system with the same database. The availability of uptodate, reliable and anonymous test data is essential for implementing your test data management strategy. In many organisations, data is UserInterface testing. Database or Data testing; This type of testing is also known as Graphical User Interface testing or Frontend Testing. This type of testing is also known as Backend Testing or data testing.

Prepare Migration Test Specification document which clearly describes the test approach, areas of testing, testing methods (automated, manual), testing methodology (black box, white box testing technique), Number of cycles of testing, schedule of testing, approach of creating data and using live data (sensitive info needs to be masked), test There are two aspects of Data Migration testing: Internal Data validation and External data validation.

The Internal data validation would be to make sure that we have done data migration Retesting: It is a manual testing process whereas application testing done with entire new set of data.

DataDriven Testing(DDT): It is an Automation testing process where an application will be tested with multiple test data. It is simple and easy than retesting where tester just sits in front of the system and enter different new input values The topics which we write about on this blog are software testing tutorials, methodologies, manual testing, automation testing, testing tools, and interview questions. Social and Contact Twitter Mar 07, 2010 Database migration testing is needed when you move data from the old database(s) to a new database.

The old database is called the legacy database or the source database and the new database is called the target database or the destination database.