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Golf Croquet Refereeing Manual Croquet Australia Download as PDF File (. pdf), Text File (. txt) or read online. Golf Croquet Rules Questions and Answers Here are some questions which Victorian GC referees have sent to the Victorian Coordinator of Golf Croquet Referees (John van der Touw), and his responses.

TRAINING MANUAL Credits: Oxford Croquet United States Croquet Association INDEX Click to jump to the topic 101 Golf Croquet 102 Basics 103 Techinques AC Referees and Umpires Updated Nov 2017) SACA GC Accredited Referees wef 30 July 2018: New Golf Croquet Rules effective Jan 1st 2014. GC Refereeing Manual April 2015. GC Official Rulings 2016 Golf Croquet Rules course can be viewed online: Golf Croquet Refereeing Information 2016 Intro& Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Refereeing Golf Croquet (GC) A National Golf Croquet Referee Training Program is being developed by the Golf Croquet Technical Panel but in the interim each State has its own training programs and courses and information can be obtained from your State Director of Refereeing.

The Golf Croquet Refereeing Manual April 2015 is a good source Dec 16, 2016 How to Hit the Ball Then The Turf With Your Irons Duration: 8: 56. Top Speed Golf Clay Ballard 2, 018, 045 views For the 2015 version of GC Referees Manual (April 2015), click here.

For the ACA Refereeing Regulations (October 2015) for both codes, click here. For information on the World Croquet Federation website regarding Golf Croquet, click here. A Common Dilemma for Golf Croquet Referees Gordon Matthews United States Croquet Association Page 1 of 2 Judging Faults under GC Rules 13 (a)(6) and Golf Croquet Tactics 2nd Edition (Code: B0005) teachingtactics. Author Michael Hague is a Golf Croquet Coach and referee. This book is an ideal extension to 'A guide to Golf Croquet which covers stroke play and basic priciples, but little on more advanced tactics.

Author: Michael Hague: Related Items. Golf Croquet Rules: CA version We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. 4 Section A General Section A1 PREFACE The Golf Croquet Refereeing Manual, 2015, is endorsed by the Australian Croquet Association (ACA) and is recommended for use as a guide for ACA Golf Croquet Referees. Croquet is probably unique inasmuch as it is up to the players to ask for a referee. A referee is called as an 'expert witness' for situations where there is the possibility of committing a fault or to sort out a situation by applying the Laws.

Referees' Training Course Manual.