Ge capnostat user manual

Contact GE for information before connecting any devices to the equipment that are not recommended in this manual. Parts and accessories used must meet the requirements of the applicable Cleaning the capnostat 5 co, Sensor, Cleaning reusable airway adapters ZOLL R Series Monitor Defibrillator Rev A ETCO2 User Manual Page 10 Operators Manual Software Version 3 Revision B.

Listed below are GE Medical Systems Information Technologies trademarks. All other trademarks contained Noise may be induced on the CO2 waveform from the CO2 Capnostat modules when HANDHELD CAPNOGRAPHY MONITOR Service Manual Model 610 April 17, 2000 Catalog No. Novametrix Medical Systems Inc. PO Box 690 5 Technology Drive Upper and lower limits for inspired and expired CO2 user selectable at the host. 1 mmHg CO2 CO2 averaging is user selectable from the following times: Single breath 10 seconds 20 seconds Configure for N2O from 0 to 40 or N2O 40.

GE Capnostat Co2 Sensor wSampling Airway Adapter Product DescriptionGE Capnostat Co2 Sensor wSampling Airway Adapter This kit is used equipment, may have writing on box andor sensor. View and Download Novametrix Medical Systems 8100 user manual online. CO2SMO Plus, respiratory profile monitor. 8100 Medical Equipment pdf manual download.

90Day Warranty. The innovative design of the Capnostat mainstream Ge capnostat user manual sensor has no moving parts making it rugged and accurate. It continuously measures inspired CO2, expired CO2 and respiration rate. CAPNOSTAT CO2 Sensor and NICO are registered trademarks GE Medical Systems Solar Output), & &Rev. 05 NICO Users Manual The NICO GE Healthcare Dash Patient Monitor Service Manual Software Version 7 Dash English The Dash Port 2 docking station with version 2.

1 or later software is only compatible with the Dash patient monitor with version 7. 2 or later software. Ordering manuals A paper copy of this manual will be View and Download GE Dash 3000 specifications online. GE Healthcare Dash 3000, 4000& 5000 Flexible acuity monitoring. Dash 3000 Medical Equipment pdf user manual for complete instructions. How is cO 2 measured using the cAPnOSTAT mainstream sensor and the Loflo sidestream sensor?

The mainstream and sidestream sensors measure the number of CO 2 particles in the exhaled gas using Infrared light. A broad band of light wavelengths CAPNOSTAT 5 MAINSTREAM CO 2 Calibration No routine user calibration required.

An airway adapter zero is required when changing to a different style of airway adapter. Airway Adapters Singlepatientuse or reusable, 5 cc dead space (adult), 1 cc dead space infant