Stapi sdk user manual

; ; 100w; ; Here is STAPI SDK source. Download Help STTOOLS For develop stapi sdk in linux os recommended is Fedora 18(x86), newer version not work ok. But fedora 18 is out of age support is ended. ST TargetPack User manual ( ) This manual provides a detailed description of ST TargetPack concepts and structure.

It includes a guide to the key language elements and ST TargetPack APIs and a detailed guide to the sttpdebug and romgen utilities. STAPI SDK or later User manual Power management Overview This document is the user manual for the STPOWER power management driver for STAPI SDK. The power consumption of consumer electronics devices has become an important concern in recent years.

This is because: install Cygwin as part of the new SDK installation as this SDK provides an updated version of the NXP Cygwin environment. In both of the above cases, you should ensure that your path settings refer to the 1. 1 Add iOS StarPRNT SDK to Project. Stapi sdk user manual StarIO.

framework to Link Binary With Libraries on the Build Phases tab. Add StarPRNT Android SDK Users Manual Nov 18, 2016 Abstract the StarPRNT SDK is loaded; there's no need to include it again when testing our SDK. When you are building your own application, it is necessary to add the library into it. 2. 1 Add library 1. Select STMicroelectronics. STAPI SDK. User Manual.

Rev C. May 2010. www. st. com BLANK User manual. STAPI SDK. Preliminary Data. Overview. The STAPI SDK provides a unified software development platform for a range of settop box (STB) devices and operating systems.