Manual hexokinase method of glucose

Laboratory Procedure Manual. Analyte: Fasting Glucose Matrix: Plasma Method: Hexokinasemediated reaction RocheHitachi Modular P Chemistry Analyzer. as performed by: University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview Hexokinase is used to determine glucose, fructose, mannose and ATP. Characteristics of Hexokinase from Yeast: Molecular weight: The native forms have molecular weights of about 100, 000 (Schulze et al.

1969) and consist of polypeptide chains of molecular weights slightly higher than 50, 000 (Schmidt et al. 1973). Evaluation of automated glucose oxidase methods for serum glucose: Comparison to hexokinase of a colorimetric and an electrometric method Author links open overlay panel Thomas R.

Koch a Henry C. Nipper b Glucose6Phosphate Dehydrogenase unit definition: One unit will oxidize 1. 0 mole of Dglucose 6phosphate to 6phosphoDgluconate per minute in the presence of NADP at pH 7.

4 at 25C. Other types of glucose6phosphate dehydrogenase may contain varying amounts of hexokinase as an impurity. Hexokinase Assay Method: The assay is based upon the reduction of NAD through a coupled reaction with glucose6phosphate dehydrogenase and is determined by measuring the increase in absorbance at 340 nm. A hexokinase is an enzyme that phosphorylates hexoses (sixcarbon sugars), metabolism of fructose by hexokinase to fructose6phosphate is the primary method of metabolizing dietary fructose; The first step in glycolysis is the phosphorylation of glucose by hexokinase.

DGlucose: Hexokinase DGlucose6phosphate ATP: ADP For the in vitro quantitative measurement of glucose in serum. Principle Glucose is phosphorylated by hexokinase (HK) in the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and magnesium to form glucose6phosphate (G6P) and adenosine diphosphate (ADP). Hexokinase and glucose transport Hexokinase is nominally the first step in glycolysis, but it is not the major point of regulation because glucose 6phosphate is a branch point leading to glycogen and to the pentose phosphate pathway.

1. Ann Clin Biochem. 1986 Jan; 23 ( Pt 1): 926. An examination of the hexokinase method for serum glucose assay using external quality assessment data. Glucose concentration is determined by a hexokinasemediated reaction, leading to the measurement of NADPH at 340 nm.

It is an endpoint method with a sample blank The Hexokinase glucose6phosphate dehydrogenase method developed by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry and Centres for Disease Control has been accepted as the reference method for glucose determination. Principle of Hexokinase method. Glucose ATP glucose 6phosphate ADP. Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase when Trinders method was compared with manual blanked hexokinase in auto analyser I and value r 0.

991 when analysed in auto analyser II. The day to day coefficient of variation of glucose