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Petine will still recognize MP3 files and now automatically detect any left channel QRS AMI signal and direct it to Pianomation to trigger the keys. QRS Music i Quantronic Resonance System The Original QRS101 Home Operating Instructions Edition 12. 01 Retrofit your Acoustic Upright or Grand Piano with a QRS Pianomation system, and turn your piano into one of the finest player pianos in the world.

QRS Music Technologies Petine Owner's Manual. Use these pages to replace those in your current version 041 owners manual. Updates to Application Version 045. Preinstalled Music The Petine controller has an internal memory location to store song files for playback on the QRS Pianomation system. The built in capacity of the internal Feb 25, 2012 Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums& more. In 2000, QRS began using advanced" magnetic mesh" technology instead of the antiquated magnetic coil technology used by our competitors.

Using coils between foam makes for a thicker pad that is heavier, bulkier, less Qrs pianomation 2000 owners manual, and less durable. Snap a single wire anywhere in the coil and the pad or mat becomes worthless.

[Q Standard Equipment: CD2000 player piano system new owner's pack includes: Pianomation player piano control unit, wireless remote control, user's manual, three CDs with 58 selections. [Q indicates QRS player piano system exclusive or exclusive among comparably priced competitive player piano products. All MIDI Players of today and yesterday, in some way The QRS Pianomation player system is also a retrofit system that is designed to be installed in any piano. i. e, iPads, MP3 Players, radio links, CD changer, etc.

The owners manual is a VERY good read that describes this audioMIDI piggyback technology that would probably work on Pianomation; Support: Product Manuals; Support: Product Manuals.

Pianomation System Owner's Manuals. QRS began focusing on new technologies, and in 1989 released its first digital retrofit player piano kit under the Pianomation name.

Today QRS is an industry leader in introducing fun innovations for home musical entertainment. QRS Music Technologies, Inc. 2011 Seward Avenue Naples, FL Voice Fax Web: www. qrsmusic. com 1 Pianomation Digiplayer Owners Manual Standby IRSensor D IGIPLAY ERM ID ONOFF. 2 Contents 2000c Player System 2000C Pianomation Player Piano System The 2000C player piano system is the perfect solution for customers that want a basic player piano system that is completely invisible.

QRS Pianomation PNO3. Pianomation Systems Comparison. Total Performance; Owner Manuals; Live Performance LX. Model LX Details; Live Performance LX Manual; Piano Info& History. Owner Manuals. Pianomation System Owners Manuals. 2000C2000CD Controller Owners Manual In PDF format 1. 5MB;