Jennings forked lightning manual pdf

Dec 18, 2010  Bought it after shooting the Jennings Forked Lightening, which was my first. TJS. From: The Rooster. 03Nov08. I killed my first deer with a Jennings Carbon Extreme. I loved that bow From: Stoney. Wish I had my Jennings Black Lightning back. Some jerk stole my brothers, which I had with me when he was in boot camp. How to Adjust the Draw Length on a Jennings Compound Bow by Chuck Brown Aug 31, 2004 Just wondering if anyone out there uses a Jennings compound bow.

I purchased a used one at a sale last week, a Jennings forked lightning xl, for Jul 23, 2012  This is an overview of my Jennings Forked Lightning Compound Bow. It's old school compound bow technology, and Aquired, (relatively cheaply) a used Jennings" Forked Lightning" compound bow recently. The draw length needs to be adjusted and the folks at Escalade Sports, the conglomerate that now owns them, is unable to supply any cam elements anymore. Although, they were nice enough to send me a manual Jennings Forked Lightning, Compound Bow Get a great deal with this online auction for a compound bow presented by PropertyRoom.

com on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Green in color What is the value of a Jennings Forked Lightning compound bow?

every jennings buckmaster 2000 bow that I have read about has a 78 let off Share to: Learning 5 facts about Jennings compound bow is a must for the archery enthusiast. The first compound bow was invented by Holless Wilbur Allen, a hunter from Missouri, in 1966.

Tom Jennings of the Jennings Archery Company worked with Allen to improve the bow's design. A compound bow has stiffer limbs than other bow designs, [ OWNERS MANUAL.

1 TABLE OF CONTENTS THANK YOU Congratulations. You have just purchased the finest compound bow in the world. Your new BowTech is designed to be the smoothest, quietest, fastest bow of its kind, with Jennings forked lightning manual pdf and patentpending technology that no other bow manufacturer can match. The performance of every