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Owner's manuals and rigging instructions for O'Day sailboats. Manuals. The information supplied to owners by O'Day varied greatly.

Some models have only a few pages of rigging instructions, while others have extensive documentation on O'Day 280 O'Day 290 O'Day 31 O'Day 32 Sprite Tempest O'Day Widgeon Sailboat for Adults and Youngsters (1973) Widgeon the smallest sailboat that's really practical for adults and is easily handled by youngsters.

The excellent stability and good sailing characteristics of this Gold Medal fleet favorite is the reason she is so popular with yacht clubs for their junior sailing and frostbite programs.

Feb 03, 2013  Boat Manuals PWC Parts& Accessories Outboard Motors. Fishing Boat Seats. Boat Bench Seats; Current Boats: Formula 330 Sun Sport, O'Day Mariner Sail# 3224, Sunfish Past Boats: Catalina 22 Sail#Formula 242 Sun Sport O'Day Sprite PM me and I can provide you with what I have about Sprites. George This Sailboat Photo Gallery is a collection of sailboat ads where you can see what people were willing to sell their sailboat for, and when.

Ads are dated starting in 2004, undated ads are from previous years. O'Day Sprite, Taunton, Massachusetts, 250, O'Day Widgeon 12 ft.Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 600: Here is an alphabetic listing of the models of boats that the O'Day corporation either manufactured or distributed over the years.

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There are two mast step positions, for sailing with the jib or as a catboat. O'Day sold his company to the conglomerate Bangor Punta (later Lear Siegler) in 1966. For a number of years, O'Day Corp. was the largest producer of sailboats in the US. Manufacturers ID (1972): XDY. Popular mythology surrounding soda and meat claims that meat can be dissolved in soda, specifically CocaCola, within a day or two of immersion.

Many mainstream sodas contain a type of acid that can tenderize steak and chicken, but the pH level of soda on its own is not high enough to dissolve pieces of meat. Jul 03, 2003  10 Foot Oday Sprite Hull Number, Class# 2864, with 2 wheel trailer, 1974 TrailNDolly. I used this boat on a lake, but the house (and now the boat) are up 1 ODay Specification Overview Neil Pryde Sails proudly uses the best first quality materials available in the marine industry today.

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The ODay 272 is a comfortable and reliable cruiser. This ODay 272 offers a comfortable cockpit, roomy interior and modern layout. The vessel is offered in good faith but cannot be guaranteed or warranted with regards to the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. O'Day Sprite Sailboat Sales Information and Specifications (1966) O'Day Sprite Designed by Bob Baker. Pretty and practical, the Sprite is fast becoming the nation's number one junior trainer.

We make our Jib to fit the O'Day Sprite with a white 3. 9 oz. Dacron from Challenge Sailcloth, America's premier manufacturer of woven sailcloth.