High pressure control manual reset thermostat

Dual pressure controls combine highpressure compressor protection with lowpressure cycling or safety functions. Some models offer a visible pressure scale and can be adjusted through the range without removing the cover.

Manual reset models are tripfree. For R12, R22, R134A and R502 refrigerants, choose a dual pressure control from O O16O20 SINGLE PRESSURE CONTROL. CONTROL BODY MOUNTING Manual reset O16 low pressure controls have a scaleplate that indicates the pressure at which switch terminals 23 will lock setting before the control can be reset. High pressure controls which are used to cutout the compressor Refrigerant Pressure Controls SPST, except where noted DualPressure Controls Combine highpressure compressor protection with lowpressure, cycling, or safety functions.

For R12, R22, R134A, and R502. Pressure Controls. Pressure Control. DANFOSS. Oil Pressure Control. by guarding against low lubrication oil pressure. With manual reset. Built in time delay switch. Mounting bracket i s supplied as standard. Range: 0. 5 The P70, P72, and P170 controls for high pressure applications are designed primarily for high pressure cutout control, headpressure control, and condenser Manual Reset Lockout allow the pressure control to automatically reset after the control has cut out, providing shutdown capability for low pressure cutout control, pumpdown control, and capacity control on commercial for precise control on critical low pressure applications manual reset lockout option provides P70, P72, and P170 Series Controls for Low Pressure Applications Catalog Page (Continued) 1 2 3 L1 L2 Load Alarm The Ranco P32 low pressure control provides freeze protection or low refrigerant the manual reset button must be depressed to restart the compressor.

sEC# 10j refridge 50pagesFridge 6: 21 PM Page 27. Refrigeration Compressors, Chillers, Condensers Motors The Dwyer Model MR manual reset pressure switch is designed to monitor duct static and shut down the blower when excess pressure occurs. The switch must be manually reset before the system can start again. Switch contacts are SPDT with soldertype connections. The Model MR measures static pressure only, not TEMPERATURE& PRESSURE CONTROLS High Pressure Manual Reset RANMPH7109 375 Lockout Manual Reset SPDT Terminals 1& 2OpenOnRise P1125 P1126.

844 High pressure control manual reset thermostat CONTROLS RANCO TYPE P32 LOW PRESSURE LIMIT CONTROL RANCO HIGHLOW PRESSURE CONTROLS The Ranco P32 low pressure control RANCO TYPE P32 LOW PRESSURE LIMIT CONTROL RANCO HIGHLOW PRESSURE CONTROLS Automatic or manual reset Fieldadjustable settings RANCO AIR CONDITIONER LOW AMBIENT THERMOSTAT Adaptable control to replace OEM controls which govern the ONOFF compressor function.