Ting sprint airave manual

Please enter the address where you are planning to use AIRAVE to confirm service is available. (all fields required) Note: Because of updates in device software, this printed guide may not be the most current version for your AIRAVE.

Visit www. sprint. com and sign on to My Sprint AIRAVE 2. 5 Network Router pdf manual download. Summary of Contents for Sprint AIRAVE 2. 5 Page 1: Setup Instructions. READ ME FIRST! Setup Instructions Install Your AIRAVE Connect the External GPS Antenna The AIRAVE 2. 5 you requested is enclosed. The AIRAVE provides a boosted signal for your wireless voice and 3G data services.

Airave in hand: My Review I just got my Airave on Tuesday, and so far I am absolutely loving this thing! To get it, I called up retentions, and told them I have absolutely have no signal in my home, and since its my only phone now, I was going to leave Sprint. The Airave is a device that uses your internet connection to improve your cellular signal.

It's like having a mini cell tower of your own. The Airave only works with devices that are on Ting on CDMA. Overview Activating your AIRAVE Account Getting Help Getting started with your new Sprint AIRAVE is a simple matter. This section walks you through an overview of the product, package contents, activation, and how to contact Sprint for assistance with your service and your base station. The AIRAVE is a mini base station, or femtocell, that creates Sprint signal within your home or small office.

About the size of a traditional wireless access point Sprint AIRAVE is a personal base station that provides enhanced voice and 3G mobile broadband coverage for your Sprint CDMA devices (phones, hotspots, tablets and modems). It will also be easier for one to remember how to configure it by leaving the defaults so that ther operations manual instructions work the same for Joe user. Setup instructions for Airave behind a router Community News.

Sprint S. M. A. R. T Agents Sprint S. M. A. R. T Agent are here to help Monday through Friday 6: 30 AM CT 5: 00 PM CT. If you Troubleshooting Activation. If you're unable to get your recently activated Airave working, go through the following Ting sprint airave manual Unplug all cables and power cords from all devices (Airave, modem, router) in any order.

Ting is going to have to either get access to the provisioning capabilities of the Airaves or Sprint will have to agree to accept customer service calls on Ting's behalf for Airave issues. The OP may have problems with getting Sprint to increase the signal because it is located in an apartment though. The AIRAVE connects to Sprints network through your broadband Internet connection. Outgoing calls go from the AIRAVE over a secure connection to Sprints network; incoming calls reverse this route.

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