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Section 3: Highway Bridge Program replace or rehabilitate existing on and offsystem structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges located on public highways, roads, and streets.

See the Chapter 3 of this manual for more information about design exceptions. Local Bridge Program Manual FY 2014 T AB L E O F CONT E NT S INTRODUCTION 3 ABOUT THIS BOOK functionally obsolete.

Department: The Connecticut Department of Transportation. published by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and available online at: this manual only. Chapter 7: Bridge Programming Anchor: # i Section 1: Basis for Bridge Rehabilitation or Replacement A bridge is classified by the FHWA as functionally obsolete if it fails to meet its design criteria either by its deck geometry, its loadcarrying capacity, its vertical or horizontal clearances, or the approach WisDOTs trained bridge inspectors follow Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards and guidelines.

Some smaller bridges can be inspected on foot, while others require use of a special" reachall" vehicle with a jointed arm and bucket that provides inspectors an upclose look at the underside of a bridge. Functionally obsolete Sep 01, 2007  Who is the FHWA? ? and what do they do? Louisiana FederalAid Highway Program Stewardship Agreement Developed in Partnership by the Functionally obsolete Functionally obsolete is a legacy classification that was used to implement the Highway Bridge Program, which was discontinued with the enactment of MAP21.

As a result, fiscal year 2015 was the last year outstanding Highway Bridge Program funds could be obligated on eligible projects, including ones with bridges that were once classified as Manual for Selecting Safety Improvements on High Risk Rural Roads FHWA, Example Intersection Safety Implementation Plan, 2009.

2. Widen Functionally Obsolete Bridges: 149 Cost: 0 to 5, 000 5, 001 to 20, 000 20, 001 to 50, 000 In other words functionally obsolete bridges are exclusive of structurally deficient bridges. Also, the status field definition of bridge deficiencies is limited only to those bridges which are 10 years or older and are more than 20 feet in length. FHWA periodically reviews quality issues and adjusts its programs and processes to ensure continuous quality improvement. Cover photo: Deception Pass Bridge on Washington State Route 20, connecting Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island.

Bridge Preservation Guide Maintaining a Resilient Infrastructure to Preserve Mobility. i. FHWA Federal Highway Administration. Structure Information and Procedure Manual AASHTO Pub. : Manual for Condition Evaluation of Bridges those that are functionally obsolete and must therefore be replaced anyway or are obviously beyond repair. On the other hand, for structures exhibiting a level of deterioration where