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RCA Solid State Audio Projects c. 1968. chris 8 Comments. So when I decided to try and get into SS, I started with the RCA SolidState Hobby Circuits Manual.

In the scan above you will find a mic preamp, a linelevel compressor, and a fuzz pedal. RCA SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES. Rca hobby circuits manual pdf AMPLIFIER to 4.

9 Vatts ND NUMERICAL LISTING INDEX A RCA Transist01 Manual Silicon and modes PLUS OVER 30 CIRCUITS FOR DESIGNERS AND HOBBYISTS. Title: RCA Semiconductor Product Guide Author: RCA Subject: semiconductor components Keywords: readers of the new" RCA Hobby Circuits Manual, " throughout the country.

The audio control system for SSB is but one of the exciting projects offered by this book to brighten your daily living. There are dozens more. TACHOMETER Circuit Operation and pa through R18. The product of this arrange New Old Schematic Rca Hobby Circuits Fuzz The old RCA Tube Manuals have always been my primary source of to try and get into SS, I started with the RCA SolidState Hobby Circuits Manual.

Get this from a library! RCA solid state hobby circuits manual. [RCA Corporation. RCA solidstate hobby circuits manual by RCA Victor Company, ltd. Electronic Components Division, Montreal, 1968 edition, in English The Integrated Circuit Hobbyists Handbook by Thomas R.

Powers publications ics companies like Motorola and RCA actively sought business from electronics hobbyists.like Motorolas HEP (hobbyexperimenter program) line of semiconductors. In addition, they published numerous manuals and reference sources for hobbyists RCA Hobby Circuits Manual Construction In operation, the fuzz box is normally cut in and out as music is being played.

When the fttzz box is cut out the musical instrument is connected directly to the amplifier. The drilling template for the electronic fuzz box is shown at the back of Rca Solid State Hobby Circuits Manual Start Download Portable Document Format (PDF) and Ebooks (Electronic Books) Free Online Rating News is books that can provide inspiration, insight, knowledge to the reader. TRANSISTOR MANUAL third edition General Electric Company Semiconductor Products 1224 West Genesee Street Syracuse, New York.

The circuit diagrams included in this manual are for illustration of typical transistor applications and are not intended CIRCUIT DIAGRAM INDEX. .