Yaqin mc 100b manually

Optimus LAB1000 Turntable WITH NEEDLE Yaqin Mc100b Kt88 Vacuum Tube Hiend Integrated Power Amplifier 110v240v Gold lab 1000 has had a storied history and is a very dependable entry level turntable.

weather you do the full automatic or manually using the cue you will find this turntable easy to use. it does not have any fancy speed YAQIN MS300C 300B x 2 Vacuum Tube Hiend Tube Integrated Amplifier See more Vacuum Tube Buy Now Vide Audiophile Vacuums Pull Light Switches Wet Vacuums Vacuum Cleaners Apr 09, 2012 So i decided in part to go with Yaqin MC100B (under 700 in ebay) mostly due to the thread here in AVSforum, and planned to eventually upgrade the tubes to Shuguang Treasures, which i have been reading Sep 05, 2012 Category: Amplifiers I have been living with a small 5.

1 surround system for a while now. The problem was that as the system sounded pretty good for mov Yaqin Tube Amp Mods Home; Yaqin Tube Amp Mods Yaqin MC100B Tube Amp TuneUp Mods If you are skilled with electronics you can balance your PI manually by putting a pot in place of either R6 or R7. This is dangerous and you must understand the risks. Yaqin MC 100B schematicwiring diagram with dc voltages around the tube sockets: I manually biased the tubes starting at 30 millivolts.

I found the music a bit restrained, especially in the lower spectrum of the bandwidth. 22 Comments on Review: Yaqin MC13S Stereo Integrated Amplifier. Dan at 4: 14 am Reply. Greatly appreciate your thoughts on this Yaqin MC13S integrated amp. and your informative I have replaced the stock Chinese KT88 on my Yaqin MC100B integrated Amplifier, adjusted the bias to 0. 55 v and voila: they sound amazing.

I also did change all the pre tubes to Tung sol's new production (6sn7 and 12 ax's). Yaqin Tube Valve Amplifiers has 2, 334 members. Dedicated to affordably priced yet high quality Yaqin tube audio equipment.