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This calculation has been performed via the computational chemistry program MOLPRO [29 taking advantage of the graphical user interface GABEDIT [30. The PECs for the 20 electronic states in the representation 2S1 () obtained from MRCI calculation have been obtained for 222 internuclear distances in the range 1. 06 r 4. 00. 2008. 1 and earlier versions of Molpro, but has been introduced to allow correct and clean parsing of geometries containing, for example, yttrium atoms, which previously conicted with the Y (2012) and the MOLPRO manual for an explanation.

CASSCF and MRCI calculations used the full valence reference space and all electrons a part from the phosphorus 1s were correlated. For example, assume the following procedure has been defined at the top of the input: PROC MRCI IF (INTDONE. EQ. 0) INT IF (SCFDONE. EQ. 0) THEN SCF ENDIF MULTI CI ENDPROC This procedure can be used for a calculation of a vertical ionization potential of H2 O as follows: R1 ANG! Set bond distance THETA104 DEGREE! Set bond angle BASISVTZ!

Define The recorded data can then be extracted with the MRCIEXTRACT program; the usage of MRCIEXTRACT, as well as the file format used for data files, are documented in the MRCI manual (p. 11). 6. Experimental examples Dipoles were computed as the derivative of the MRCIQ energy with respect to an external electric field along the internuclear axis for vanishing field strength (Lodi& Tennyson 2010); we used field strengths 5 10 4 au and computed dipoles on a grid r a 0 in steps of 0.

05 a 0. Running Molpro Log into altix, balt, or regatta module load molpro molpro myinput. com. look at the. molproirc file or the user manual for a full list of the predefined optimization procedures.H2O test!

title Intro to Molpro. ppt Author: Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in MOLPRO, and find MOLPRO experts. At the MRCI Q level, the shift of the R e is within 0. nm, and the average shift of the R e is also about 0. nm; the Mrci q molpro manual pdf relativistic correction lowers the e for all the electronic states whether at the MRCI or the MRCI Q level. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. 1 1 MRCI calculations in MOLPRO Molpro is a software package written in Fortran and maintained by H.

J. Werner and P. J. Knowles. It is often used for performing sophisticated electronic structure A series of multireference approaches based on the SACASSCF wave function, i. e.CASPT2, MRCI, MRCIQ, and MRAQCC with single or multireference states, have been employed to investigate the symmetry breaking effect in the ground state X u2 of the triatomic BNB radical.

We found that the mixing of the reference states contributes significantly to the dynamical correlation energy, which