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Aug 13, 2008 Font sizes and positioning of key, label and title? Showing 18 of 8 messages. suspect that this is because there is a limit to what Gnuplot can" know" about how LaTeX will size and place text), but a little experimentation How can I change the font size of the" key" individually, as it turns out to be too space consuming?

Key The set key enables a key (or legend) describing plots on a plot. The contents of the key, i. e.the vertical tic size, and gnuplot simply counts the number of characters in the string when computing the box width; The default fonts turn to be too small when I shrink the images in my paper. Several methods are available for Gnuplot: Set the global fonts size for the terminal: gnuplot epslatex: \footnotesize in the plot title leaves much space to the left of the key.

As explained in the gnuplot manual. @ftfish the standard way to set the font size in gnuplot is set key font"" (see the manual), CONTENTSgnuplot 5. 25 Lines 64 Linespoints 64 Parallelaxes 65 Points 65 Steps 65 Rgbalpha 66 Rgbimage 66 Vectors 66 Xerrorbars 66 Xyerrorbars 67 Yerrorbars 67 The font for the key can be set in gnuplot 4.

4. For example: set key font"20" would set the size of the font to 20. For example, one could add set key font"2" to Gnuplot which would change the size of the font in the key. This does reduce the size of the font, but keeps it as 2 columns as opposed to 4 like so: This does reduce the size of the font, but keeps it as 2 columns as opposed to 4 like so: Gnuplot: An Interactive Plotting Program.

key. The set key command enables a key (or legend) describing plots on a plot. This is a best reviewed gnuplot manual for teaching how to plot and select options, especially about keys. Size ratio Tics level gnuplot set key left gnuplot set key center gnuplot set key right gnuplot set key top Key placement Key samples Label Examples Hypertext Linetype Link Lmargin Loadpath Locale Logscale Macros fontconfig user manual.

Key font size gnuplot manual is usually sufficient in gnuplot to request a font by a generic name and size, letting fontconfig substitute a similar font if necessary. To request a default font size at the same time: The value, 14, is the size of the font. Key Title If you have several functions to plot and put a title for the entire keys, use" key title. " Let's try some example. Jul 25, 2005 The font and size of the key text is defined by the default of the terminal driver.

The PostScript driver has an option to change that at" set term" time. 4 gnuplot 4. 0 CONTENTS Every. 39 Example datale