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Australia: Change to patent examiners manual creates uncertainty It is a longstanding principle of Australian patent law that determining whether or not a patent application is directed towards patentable subject matter should be done separately to determining issues of novelty and inventive step. 10 days ago However, an amendment to Section. 2 of the Patent Examiners Manual on August 1 last year has expressly recommended that examiners, in assessing patentable subject matter, " consider which features of the claim confer novelty over the prior art".

160 rows Customer Service Charter Timeliness Guidelines. 1. International. 2. National If you are a self filer, attorney or a Qualified Person (QP) this is the place to find our examination manuals, FAQs, case studies, search tools and more to help you further understand and research intellectual property.

The Manual is an official publication produced by IPAustralia, and intended as a reference guide for trade mark examiners within IP Australia (Part 1, Section 1, of the Manual.

) IP Australia Patent Examiners Manual. 2 and. 2. 1 [xxi Implementing Regulations to the EPC, R135(2) and EPO Legal Board of Appeal Decision J1001 [xxii Opposition is a postgrant procedure in Europe (Art 99(1) EPC ) so further processing is not available for oppositions because it is only available for applications (i. e. not Obtain PDF's of AUA, B, and C Patent Specifications from IP Australia. Search opens in new window. Search opens in new window. For either Application or Patent Number a selection of numbers can be entered separated by a comma (eg., ) IP Australia strives to deliver robust IP rights efficiently, satisfy our customers in terms of timeliness and value for money and be recognised as one of the leading IP offices in the world for the quality (including accuracy and consistency) of the IP rights we grant.

IP Australia sees an inequality in the amount of searches examiners have to conduct between patent applications with and without equivalent or quality searches. IP Australia has given examiners extra training and updated its examination manual following a court case over a software patent.

We are the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder's rights.

Our vision is to have a world leading IP system that builds prosperity for Australia. Navigation Pane IP Australia The Manual is a reference manual for Designs examination staff and defines the authorised current practice that applies to the examination of design applications.

Designs Examiners' Manual of Practice and Procedure IP Australia IP Australia determines the Australian examination standards (but not the law) which are set out in the The Australian Patent Office Manual of Practice and Procudure, better known as the Australian Patent Examiners Manual. IP Australia has given examiners extra training and updated its examination manual following a court case over a software patent. In December last year the Australian Full Federal Court ruled that an invention by RPL Central for an online tool for collecting evidence of skills and knowledge to meet a recognised qualification standard was not patentable.